Your Moment

What would be possible if you gave yourself - purely and entirely - even one moment each month?

Have a moment?

When trying to make a change - or forced to change due to the circumstances - uncertainty can cause particularly high stress.

Giving yourself a moment of stillness - a space for reflection - can help you embrace your joy this summer!

Summer Edition

It’s summer - time for enjoying the outdoors, seeing friends, reading frivolous novels. You don’t need to be on even 30 minutes of Zoom. But, that doesn’t mean you don’t need a quick re-centering so you can be your best self when doing those things (or all the things professional lives require of adults).

For summer, I’m recording a short (5 minute) video you can watch when you need a break. Even in short form, it will include a taste and invitation to our regular components:

  • Taking a breath together, with a short reading or other words of inspiration.
  • Journaling together - verbal or visual. If colored pens, pencils, or other creative materials are your thing, bring them!
  • Connecting with others in thinking about the theme or ahas that emerge with our journaling.

Start your day with it, or fit it into an early lunch break. Leave with a greater sense of calm, voice, and agency.

Summer Edition!

Want the video? It will release Tuesday July 20th. Sign up here to get access to your summer moment.

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